CV (2015 edition)

I thought I’d go ahead and add this since I’m working on it for my tenure package. Enjoy your light reading for a Tuesday night: The new, extended remix of my CV.

Go Somewhere Else for Now

Just FYI, I’m not currently maintaining this site while I determine what to do with it next. If you want to read about my work, go here. Or there’s always Facebook if you want to contact me personally.

LibraryThing App

As excited as I was to see that LibraryThing now has an iPhone app, I was very disappointed to find that it doesn’t access your actual library, but instead just looks for bookstores and events based on your current location. Which, granted, is pretty cool–except for the fact that I …

Archiving the Web

This is the kind of archival project that few people think about, but that will also become incredibly important over the coming years. I’ll admit that preserving the real URLs behind all those shortening services wasn’t something I’d ever really considered. It also makes me wonder about strategies for preserving …


Just turned in my last paper for my last class in my last semester of library school. So, ummm, what do I do now?