Randomly Wednesday

Things have been incredibly hectic lately, which doesn’t justify the lack of recent posts, but maybe at least explains it somewhat. And this one isn’t likely to be art, either. It’s just a list of some cool projects, posts, and articles  I’ve stumbled across lately:

  • Wolfwalk (NC State): This one’s even better on your iPhone. It’s a georeferenced history of the N.C. State campus that also uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to provide a guided walking tour. It’s just cool.
  • This is just one of those articles that makes me want to contact the author and offer to volunteer my labor just for a chance to play with  this collection. It makes me all giddy and warm just thinking about it.
  • And this one, via Tame the Web, is just something I could have used earlier this week.

LibraryThing App

As excited as I was to see that LibraryThing now has an iPhone app, I was very disappointed to find that it doesn’t access your actual library, but instead just looks for bookstores and events based on your current location. Which, granted, is pretty cool–except for the fact that I was inside the pretty major university library where I work when I downloaded it. Guess what was nowhere to be found in the results?

I love LT enough to let this pass, really, but it was kind of a letdown.

Archiving the Web

This is the kind of archival project that few people think about, but that will also become incredibly important over the coming years. I’ll admit that preserving the real URLs behind all those shortening services wasn’t something I’d ever really considered. It also makes me wonder about strategies for preserving database-driven websites (like this one, for example). How does an external entity manage to save both the database and the PHP files that make it function? It’s not like saving static HTML pages, although I guess saving sites as generated in that format might be the only option at this point.